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What youʼll find on our site

When Bob and I decided to create this website, our goal was to include many of the things that making shopping with Hill Country Outfitters so special.

Of course, youʼll get a glimpse of our products, but youʼll also get to meet the people who make that experience so special; our staff. For those of you in the business world, you can understand the importance of good employees. Our sales staff goes to great lengths to make sure your shopping experience with us is a pleasant and memorable one. We know all too well the value of a happy customer, and we want you to be happy!

We hear wonderful comments on our product mix; weʼve even been referred to as the “Nordstrom of Fredericksburg”. Well, thatʼs a lovely compliment, but unlike Nordstrom, we only have one store and a return policy. We do try, however, to bring in product that not only looks good, but is a good value. We try to keep up with trends (Hunter Boots and Michael Kors watches) and as often as possible, we buy products made in the United States (Bills Khakis and Anza Knives). We know that people are busy and shopping takes time. We want your time well spent on selecting quality goods that will last.

We have customers who have shopped with us literally throughout our almost 14 years in business. Theyʼve watched our kids grow up (as a family business, all three of our sons have worked many hours in Hill Country Outfitters), and theyʼve watched us grow older. No matter, itʼs always good to see familiar faces who want the latest on the family; weʼll try to keep you updated on “the boys”, now grown, in college and beyond.

Doing business in Fredericksburg has been a blessing to us. We moved here from Dallas in 1997 with no previous retail experience. Most would call that crazy; we refer to our move as an adventure! The change was not without some pain (and a huge learning curve), but we were instantly welcomed by wonderful people in our childrenʼs school, our church and the business community of this “gem” in the Texas Hill Country. I canʼt believe we get to live here.

We hope you enjoy our website.

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