Outfitting You for Your Adventures

For us, the journey to the Hill Country began over 20 years ago as we dreamed of a simpler life than the one we were living in Dallas. With our three young boys, Robert, Tyler and John, we longed for open spaces and a new adventure. Through an interesting series of events we opened Hill Country Outfitters in the charming town of Fredericksburg in 1997.

All these years we have been outfitting our customers for adventures of all kinds. Early on, the experiences were more the outdoor variety and have now become a bit less rugged but no less adventurous. We provide just the right styles and fashion expertise for long walks, afternoon lunches, nights on the town and weekend getaways.

One thing that has not changed over the years is our commitment to serving you, our customer. In that pursuit, we have diligently strived to curate our women's and men's clothing lines into a fashionable and versatile mix that we believe is the quintessential Hill Country lifestyle. We look forward to serving you on your next visit to Fredericksburg.

Mary Ann & Bob Turbeville